Exhibitor Resources

Booth Layout

Your booth includes an 8' high back wall comprised of charcoal draping. The standard for the sides is 3' high draping, though we offer taller side draping in some sections of our shows.

Please note that nothing can be attached to the draperies. The only exception is a banner hung with sign hooks. We will have sign hooks available during set up.

Booth Layout

This diagram shows how booths are laid out in the show. An endcap has a 10' wide, 8' high back wall flanked with 3' high side curtains. The front and sides of the booth are open.

How to Pay a Deposit or Invoice and add Extras

In this quick video, you'll see how to pay a deposit or invoice and also how to add extra items. Your autologin link is unique to every show and is delivered to you by email.

Available Extras

Items that are available include:
- Power (some booths already include power, depends on location in show)
- 6' Table (plain - no drape)
- Chair (Standard height)
- 6' Table with Black Stretch Cover
- 6' Table with Blue Stretch Cover
- 6' Table with Red Stretch Cover
- Booth carpet rental - color: Tuxedo Gray
- Booth Foam Flooring Tiles - color: Weathered Gray
- Booth Foam Flooring Tiles - color: Mahogany
- Booth Foam Flooring Tiles - color: White Oak
- Booth Foam Flooring Tiles - color: Cherry
- 30" High Cocktail Table with Black Stretch Cover

Make the Most of Your Listing

Our interactive floorplans are integral to our show promotions. In this video, we demonstrate how to get the most out of your experience.

Move-in, Parking, and Move-out Procedures

1. Move-in Time Slots

By popular request, we have created move-in windows so that we can alleviate the congestion that can occur during move-in and set up.

Generally speaking, Available time slots include the following, though this may differ per show:
• Thursday - Morning - 9 am - 1 pm
• Thursday - Afternoon - 1 pm - 5 pm
• Friday - Morning - 9 am - 1 pm
• Friday - Afternoon - 1 pm - 5 pm

You will receive an email with detailed move-in time slots as well as a link to sign up for your preferred time.

We will do what we can to accommodate requests while creating a move-in process that goes as smoothly as possible. Note that these windows are specifically related to access to the move-in doors. You are welcome to be inside the building setting up your booth at anytime during the open hours.

2. Check-in on Move-in day

Please consult the move-in map for directions to the Hickory Metro Convention Center and follow the red arrows to the back of the center.

When driving in please turn to the left and park your vehicle anywhere in this area. At that point you can walk into the back of the convention center to the designated check in area right inside the first rollup door.

Here you can check in, receive your vendor badges and lanyards, guide you on what loading zone to use and we can show you to your booth.

3. Move-in

After you have checked-in you can move your vehicle to one of the four loading zones.

We will have large rolling carts available for use to assist you in transporting your items from your vehicle to your booth and we can help you locate one if one is available.

In a timely manner, please take your items to your booth and once you have unloaded everything from your vehicle please move your vehicle to a designated location.

Please be diligent about the time your vehicle stays at a loading zone door as well as how long you have had a cart, everyone needs access and if someone is blocking a doorway or holding on to a cart they logjam the system. .

4. Vendor Parking

During the move-in days, if you have a trailer please move it to the blue lot on the map. If you do not have a trailer, you can park in the blue lot as well as the parking deck up front as well but know that you will have to move your vehicle before Saturday morning if you park in the deck.

During show days, all vendors need to either park in the blue lot or in the Crowne Plaza lot. Both lots will be monitored overnight.

For those parking at the Crowne, we will run a shuttle for vendors from the parking lot to the convention center starting at 75 minutes prior to the show opening and run it for 75 minutes after the show ends each day.

Please do not park in the yellow lot or any of the spaces near the Hickory Metro Convention Center. We will need as much parking as we can get for attendees.

5. Move Out

After the show is over, we stress PATIENCE! A lot of vendors will race to try to get out of the building as fast as they can, send someone to move their vehicle to a loading zone door to be first in line, as well as breaking down early.

If you break down early you will not be invited back to any show that Hickory Shows promotes. It takes 2 full days to move everyone in and less than 2 hours to move everyone out. So there is no need to be in a huge rush, it goes way faster than you think.

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